BELL Allocations and Unlock Schedule

A certain percentage of tokens is reserved by MetaBell to encourage users to participate. By actively participating in the creation or completing tasks in MetaBell, users can earn BELL and RING tokens, and rare NFTs. This design is to encourage more users to participate in MetaBell and keep it attractive.

BELL will be unlocked according to a predetermined schedule. The initial circulating supply is set to 104,869,080 BELL - 12.95% of the total supply. The total supply of BELL is 810,000,000, and will never increase.

1. Token Sales Data

Private Sale 4%, Token Amount: 32,400,000 BELL

Private Sale Token Price: 0.1 BUSD/BELL

Community Founding 11%, Amount: 89,100,000 BELL

Community Founding Token Price: 0.2 BUSD/BELL

2. Token Management and Use of Funds

The use of the raised funds is as follows:

Development Cost: 45%

Administrative Expenses: 10%

Business Development and Marketing: 45%

All funds will be kept in a multi-sig cold wallet controlled by the core team. All use of the funds will require at least 2/3 of the signatures in the top management team.

3. X to Earn

X to Earn tokens account for 20% of the total supply of BELL. The goal is to attract more players to join the MetaBell ecosystem to earn token rewards and give ownership and equity to the most active community members. When certain products are ready for promotion, the token distribution for their X to Earn can increase. These allocations may be determined by the governing authority over time.

The BELL tokens obtained through X to Earn will be immediately open for trading in the initial stage, but the core team will pay close attention to how it unfolds and decide whether to lock in rewards.

4. Staking and Staking Rewards

Users who participate in MetaBell UGC creation competition, create metaverse scenes to publish in BellSpace and explore in BellSpace scenes have the chance to get RING token rewards, and earn BELL rewards through staking.

5. Eco-Fund

The Ecosystem Fund will be managed by the MetaBell core team in the early stage, with a purpose to develop the MetaBell community.

The principles of the fund are as follows:

  • Add significant value to the wider community of MetaBell.

  • Key performance indicators and targets for releasing funds.

6. Core Team

After the token sale, the core team will continue to be motivated to develop projects. By locking in most of the allocated token supply, the team, community, and investors will have a unified incentive to continue the development.

7. Financing Sales

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