MetaBell is bringing leading-edge AI technology to BellSpace, and through big data capture and deep learning of the keywords "blockchain" and "metaverse", BellAI will be able to answer any relevant questions that users have. The user only needs to find BellAI in BellSpace and start a conversation using text or voice.

Most of the time BellAI brings more value to non-expert users. First timers have a lot of questions to learn but it is often difficult to find experts who can guide them each step of the way for free. This is where BellAI comes in.

Currently, BellAI can achieve 5 rounds of intelligent answering, it can remember the first few questions and answers to ensure that the subsequent conversation is in accordance with the logic of a real human dialogue. The appearance and voice of BellAI will be decided by the community. Imitating a famous celebrity is a possibility or the community can create an entirely new figure.

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