The contemporary metaverse is the result of the virtual reality technology revolution that incorporates information revolution (5G/6G), internet revolution (Web 3.0), artificial intelligence revolution (AI), VR, AR, MR (XR), and game engines. It creates a possibility of creating a paralleled holographic digital world with the real world.

We believe the explosive development of the metaverse is bound to be accompanied by a huge gap and demand for Web 3.0 content. However, currently it is very difficult for most users to create Web 3.0 content, which requires professional level knowledge of graphic imaging editing and blockchain technology.

The core of MetaBell is a metaverse space station built on the blockchain - BellSpace, which gives users the ability to create metaverse scenes freely and simply to form a metaverse space network. MetaBell provides users with the Bell-XR Unreal Engine, which is a lightweight Web workstation for the metaverse world. It is not only highly efficient and all-powerful, but also showcases development process in a way that lowers entry barrier for users to empower stronger public participation.

BellSpace is an open metaverse space station where users can shuttle to other interesting metaverse spaces and maneuver their characters for immersive experiences through a portal, or freely create metaverse scenes on BellSpace to invite other users to join. In all scenes of BellSpace, users can display and use their own NFTs.

MetaBell encourages users to actively create their own metaverse space. Users do not need to pay high virtual land fees but only need to hold a small amount of BELL to gain access and keys to enjoy all the tools, services, and rewards in MetaBell.

BellSpace will become even more powerful with the implementation of AI features, which will answer any questions about blockchain and automatically generate tasks and rewards for all UGC scenes based on token economics system.

The main cryptocurrency behind MetaBell is BELL, a multifunctional governance token, and RING, a general incentive token. In numerous metaverse scenes, users can earn RING token through interactions and games, and earn BELL rewards through staking. The diversified rewards will encourage users to create metaverse scenes in MetaBell and promote MetaBell to be the most prosperous metaverse scene ecology in the world.

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