2022 Q1

  • Officially publicize the MetaBell project information and updates.

  • Launch the MetaBell XR engine.

  • Launch the BETA version of BellSpace(WEB end and PC end).

  • Launch the BETA version of NFT Doodle, which supports functions such as multiplayer connectivity and NFT multi-chain reading display.

  • MetaBell Promotion Ambassador recruitment.

  • Launch the MetaBell UGC Championship S1

  • Launch the metaverse creation service for MetaBell’s partners.

  • Financing preparation

2022 Q2

  • Launch the 3D version of MetaBell’s exclusive IP figure, start cross-platform UGC activities.

  • Version update: increase functions such as minting NFT with one-click and NFT cross-chain.

  • Version update: BELL-ART scene expansion, adding1~3 scenes supporting multi-chain NFT display.

  • Version update: BellSpace virtual character UGC andNFT character replacement, users can create their own exclusive 3D characters and use them in all scenes linked to BellSpace.

  • List BELL, MetaBell’s eco-token, on leading global exchanges.

2022 Q3

  • Release a large-scale metaverse themed space- NFT Trading Planet, providing a more immersive transaction experience for NFTs.

  • Open the multi-chain NFT API , which canread NFT contract assets on main stream public chains.

  • Open the MMO API, which can achieve the function of real-time multiplayer connectivity.

2022 Q4

  • Launch the BETA version of the BELL-XR engine 3D scene editor, enabling rapid creation, assembly,editing and sharing of 3D scenes and minigames.

  • Launch the BellSpace version 2.0, providing the AI housekeeper function, which can capture the voice input in real time, analyze blockchain and metaverse related information, hotspots, topics, etc., automatically collect and organize important information based on user preferences and continuously send it to users.

  • MetaBell digital artisan community reaches 50,000 users.

2023 Q1

  • Launch BellSpace VR version. The VR devices can create a new BellSpace ecology with rich immersive experience.

  • Open BellSpace AI API, which allows users to pay BELL to rent AI housekeeper services.

  • Launch the MetaBell Metaverse Space UGC Creation Competition.

2023 Q2

  • The first MetaBell "Immortal Avatar" will be launchedon BellSpace with basic intelligence and mobility.The prototype of the "Immortal Metaverse" based on new holographic projection and AR technologies.

  • Fully promote the development of the "Immortal Metaverse" and inspire the digital artisan community to serve users worldwide to create their own metaverse avatar NFTs.

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