In MetaBell, we encourage users to actively create their own metaverse space as opposed to discouraging them from participating in the exploration of the metaverse with high land prices. We are willing to use the token incentive program more often to attract everyone to participate in content creation as well as scene building of the metaverse.

First of all, the land is free, and anyone can easily create their own metaverse space using MetaBell scene engine. A convenient and free tool will be loved by all users, as it has been proven in the Web 2.0 era. Then, using the portal to travel to any metaverse is also free, and it is possible to get additional bonuses and honors in different metaverse. Only by leaving the passage open, all users can enjoy the fun of metaverse ideas from all participants all over the world.

To gain access, users simply need to hold a certain amount of BELL, which is initially around 1,000 BELL. This will be adjusted downwards when MetaBell exceeds 50,000 users to ensure that the threshold the key is low enough. If some users are in a hurry to sell their BELL for real life usage, they are fully allowed to do so. Users will temporarily lose the key until they have enough BELLs again, then they can regain all the rights in MetaBell.

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