Holder Benefits


R Silver

S Gold

SR Diamond

MetaBell metaverse space voting rights

1 Vote

4 Votes

10 Votes

Exclusive metaverse themed space priority experience

Exclusive metaverse space medal wearing display

Receive Discord Bex membership and priority participation in product testing and information

Enjoy corresponding discount in future Token launch IDO/IEO

5% off

10% off

20% off

Preferential purchase right of platform NFT assets and discount on casting fees

10% off

20% off

30% off

*A user's voting rights can be stacked according to the number of medals held. For example, holding both a silver medal and a gold medal, the number of votes = 1 + 4 = 5.

The discount takes the highest value and is not stackable. For example, if the user holds a silver medal and a gold medal at the same time, the user can only have 10% discount on the IDO/IEO Token.

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