How to Redeem

  • Unofficial Discord users: Those who are eligible to redeem medals should contact the staff in time to submit their Discord account (ID) and follow the official Metabell Discord after the event. Official Discord users: Those who are eligible to redeem medals will receive a message from the staff after the event or check the notification by themselves.

  • Log in to and link the digital wallet.

  • Complete the account verification on Galaxy, including binding and verifying Discord account, etc. As shown in the picture:

  • Complete the redemption on the "The Bex Genesis NFT medal" page. If the user's medal meets the upgrade conditions, the user can go to the corresponding page and redeem it by themselves. For example: Collect all 4 Silver medals to exchange for any one of the Gold medals.

  • Quantity of medals. Silver: users can repeatedly earn any No. of silver medals, but the maximum number of each silver medal is capped (5000 each). Gold: Users can only redeem each No. of gold medals once, Not available repeatedly. Diamond: users can only redeem diamond medals once, Not available repeatedly. All medals can be traded freely!

*Please remember that each user can only win a maximum of one Silver Medal per week. If you have already won one, then please do not participate in that week's other events.

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