Bell Genesis Medal

Purpose: To fill the gap of exclusive assets on the current MetaBell chain. Establish the MetaBell metaverse NFT ecological mechanism of distribution, exchange and upgrade through the Bell Genesis Medal.

Medals Distribution: To realize user stratification through reward distribution, so as to screen high quality users and eventually establish MetaBell core fan circle gradually.

Medals Redemption: Gradually establish the equivalent exchange mechanism between Genesis medals NFT and other categories of NFT, and gradually realize the circulation and exchange of Bell Genesis medals through project cooperation and other ways.

Medal Upgrade: Establish a medal upgrade mechanism, i.e. low-level medals will be automatically destroyed upon upgrade.

l Users who collect 4 silver medals (No.1-4) can be upgraded to gold medals.

l Users who collect 4 Gold medals (No.1-4) can be upgraded to Diamond Medal.

l Diamond Medal is the highest honor of MetaBell and enjoys the highest bonus in the community.

Medal Design:

Medal Texture: diamond, gold, silver three precious minerals

Medal NFT Chain Asset Form: JPG Asset

Medals Mintage:

l Total number of silver medals minted: 20,000 (5,000 for each number)

l 20,000 silver medals = 5,000 gold medals (4:1 exchange ratio)

l 5000 gold medals = 1250 diamond medals (4:1 exchange ratio)

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