MetaBell's BellSpace is a metaverse space station developed by Unreal Engine 4. There are many metaverse portals in BellSpace, and users will be able to go through them to different metaverse scenes: some are FPS games, some are NFT doodle art galleries, and many more interesting spaces are waiting to be discovered.

In these metaverse scenes, there will be a variety of challenges and games. When completing tasks or participating in contests, users will be rewarded with BELL, RING, rare assets, and/or honor credits.

If some users create their own metaverse scenes, BellSpace will open the standard API and help them link their metaverse scenes to BellSpace to form a new portal. MetaBell will give out rewards from time to time based on the fun and complexity of these scenes to help users get extra rewards for building the metaverse.

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